Love in the Time of Technology. 

I’m stuck
Inside the curls
Of the letters
In your texts. 
I’m endlessly interpreting
The tone of your voice. 
I’m thinking on repeat about
Everything you’ve ever said. 
I’m carefully crafting
Each reply
Wondering if I’m sending us 
A death note
Or a love quote. 
I’m glancing at the screen
At least once a minute
For the lights of different colours. 
I’m not insane,
At least,
Not yet. 
I’m just trapped in here,
In the infinite digital loops,
Right between the yes and the no. 



Meet me in the backyard
Where we buried our future;
A future with colours
And houses and puppies.
Meet me tonight
With a shovel and a pick;
Let us hope no one else
Has dug it all out.
Meet me in our dreams;
Dreams you’ve had of me,
Dreams I’ve had of you,
Dreams we’ve had of us.
Come, let us start digging
Find our little coffin,
Jump into the abyss
Holding our hearts
In our sweaty palms.