Everyone needed a knife that night.

His birthday was just around the corner.
The anniversary was next week.
The neighbour had got a new job.
A promotion was just ensured.

Everyone needed a knife that night.

Hers was hidden between her legs,
Thirsty for blood.
When the clock struck twelve,
She cut the cake,
And eyeballs rolled out.


How It Ended. 

I saw you leaving. You made no noise. You knew I was watching. But you left. You heard my heart beginning to break. You never stopped. You saw my eyes open and glistening. You were too cold to see the blood that came. You were gone. Into the other world. 


Bring me
Things that I don’t want.
Bring me promises
Never made.
Bring me bouquets
Of plastic and strings.
Bring me a bottle of wine
That you borrowed from someone else.
Bring me a love letter,
A blank one at that.
Bring me happiness
And a straw to drink from it.
Bring me smiles,
Bubble wrapped and broken.
Bring me words
Disguised in meaning.
Bring me pretty dresses
With dry flowers on them.
Bring me everything,
Everything I’ve never wanted.
Bring me you,
Bring me you,
Bring me all that is blue.

When Nobody Wins.

Every day
You bring a piece of puzzle home.
Every day
We play this game.
Every day
We try to win,
We fight,
We make moves,
We plan ahead.
The puzzle pieces
Are so many
That they make no sense.
They are so clear
That I can write a story;

Tell me,
Things like
Lipstick stains,
Phone numbers,
Spent weekends,
Perfumed sighs,
Slipped names.

What are they,
If not a part of the game?

And oh yes,
Two can play that.