Welcome to the Planet.

I like how you are all staring at me,
I like how you feel disgusted by the color of my skin,
I like how you judge me for not smiling,
I like how you think I am stupid just because you think so.

I like how you put all your attention into hating me,
I like it when your energy is spent on making rumors,
I like how you think I am a woman without standards,
I very much like that it gets under your skin that I’m profane.

I like how you look at my legs and say things under your breath and out loud.
I like it when you blame my clothes for all the wrongdoings in the world.
I like watching you squirm as I grow hair all over me,
And I like it that you still haven’t grown up.

Let me inhale and blow some of this smoke at you.
And here, take some condoms for your own protection.
Don’t you also want me to tell you my salary?

Also, let’s drink some to me,
And my marriage that you’re all so eagerly awaiting for.


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