The Last Consequence.

There were candles burning with a soft sweet smell, inside the eerie room. Voices muttered inside her head. She floated in, wearing an elegant pearly dress that illuminated her face in a sinking but deep calm. A shadow moved somewhere outside as she closed the large window. The man sat at the table, his face half lit by the dim light. Her scent played around in the air with something else that he couldn’t comprehend. The brick walls reflected the glow in a darker shade, shifting the room into further uneasiness. She sat down next to him, and stretched her hand towards his head, in a gesture to comfort the fears he hid. His eyes seemed dead and stone-like. She inhaled sharply, feeling the cold resting on his shiny sweaty skin. Death lingered. The cut had been deep and concealed, the doctor said the next morning. Her death that followed, left scars that remained no secret.

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