The Remains

I still stand

In the echo of the shadow you left.

I weep

Over the numerous truths you told me.

I exist solely

Solely upon the broken identity you left me with.

I sometimes cry

Remembering the times you laughed at me.

And I laugh

When I think of all the drama you lived in.

I walk out sometimes

Forgetting that you weren’t outside my gate anymore.

I call you

When I often feel like I can’t live without the pain.

I sometimes smile

At my wounds inside and out.

I lay down softly

Where you held me with hatred.

I crawl in

With the wafts of a love that never was.

Sometimes I see

That point of no return in my map.

I see

The fool that ran back, every single time.

I’m sometimes lost

In the maze that I built with my blood and sweat.

I’m sometimes me.

Just sometimes.


I’m still you.

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