When the Sun comes out.

Did it ever stop raining? You said it was going to be sunny soon. You said we were going out this holiday, that we would be free of all things guilty. Did they lie to you too? When did the clock stop that day? Let me remember. We were on a roller-coaster, imagining how great it would feel to just free-fall. No strings attached. You were worried that we may never make it. But you knew that I would have. I would have made it back up. I don’t know about you, but I really would have. But it’s okay now. It’s alright. We are here. This moment, this is where we start over, isn’t it? Let’s go back to the roller-coaster. Don’t be sad. It is now sunny outside.


The Remains

I still stand

In the echo of the shadow you left.

I weep

Over the numerous truths you told me.

I exist solely

Solely upon the broken identity you left me with.

I sometimes cry

Remembering the times you laughed at me.

And I laugh

When I think of all the drama you lived in.

I walk out sometimes

Forgetting that you weren’t outside my gate anymore.

I call you

When I often feel like I can’t live without the pain.

I sometimes smile

At my wounds inside and out.

I lay down softly

Where you held me with hatred.

I crawl in

With the wafts of a love that never was.

Sometimes I see

That point of no return in my map.

I see

The fool that ran back, every single time.

I’m sometimes lost

In the maze that I built with my blood and sweat.

I’m sometimes me.

Just sometimes.


I’m still you.