The Justifications of a Sane Mind.

Here’s where I stop to confess that you were always around me even before I met you. In my past, and in all the alternate versions of it. I’d wave a white flag but you were already winning. The battles were all in my head. Just mine. Few drops of sanity left in the bottle you forgot in our refrigerator. I always mess up. Forgetting whether to inject it or to bathe in it. Asylums are full. Or else you’d be there. Hospitals are too clean for the rotting minds that we so lovingly nourish. Is this what we get from love that is conditioned and unconditional? A bit of you and me in this page. The doctor likes us. That’s why there are so many names that smell like high, crawling all over his pad. Shouldn’t we hold out our arms? I want that hole in my vein so I can breathe air into it. There’s so much violence in us, they say. But, my love, is there? You shouldn’t want to hit me. I’m just this. The pillow you sleep on. The magic that makes your white world colorful. The smoke that clears your vision. The pain that kills all the Morphine. Ease up. There’s so much world left to see inside these walls. Break free of my hands. Go and see everything that sticks beneath your soul. Trees that go with the wind. Vacant swings that dance in happiness. There’s no patience here. Hurry before someone calls your name and puts you to sleep. Stripes can be black or white. We just love the uniformity. Treasures are hiding under our hair. No eyes see them. Blue clouds follow us around and rain only on us. This is all love. Let us all stay in the divinity of the self. Breathe in breathe out. Let’s go back now. Our time’s up. 

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