What Took Her Away.

She slowly stepped into the wet cold mushy mud, her clean warm pink feet dipping into it, her toes tickled by the texture. She shuddered gently, gasped into the furry collar of her white winter coat. A spontaneous smile decorated her healthy pink face, as she tried to move further into the thickness. She was now shivering uncontrollably and shamelessly, and chuckling all the more. Her beige cocktail dress was tasting the unstable ground. It stuck to her now muddy legs, and made her tremble and chuckle even more. She was right in the middle of it now. She ripped her fair white coat off. Closing her eyes, she let herself sink. Her smile remained. Her arms, scratched with several more pink and fleshy lines, waved goodbye. Before disappearing into the darkness, she opened her eyes just once. There was a squealing shining of madness in them. 

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