The Physics of a Disease.


Watching you trying to talk like a normal person, this is what makes my day. You say you’re trying to read me. But you don’t know the words and letters that I keep hidden in the black of my eyes. You think you see through me. But what you don’t realize is that there’s a drama behind the curtain in the back of my head. You try to sing me to sleep but the lullaby isn’t enough for the voices that yell out the dialogues. What do you know? Do you know what I’m made of? You don’t even know yourself.
You think you’re wiping my tears but do you know that your claws are scarring my face for life? Your words poison the very air around me. So stay away. You’re not me. And I’m definitely not you. Did you not ask for a stone to break yourself with?
Here it is.

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