I’d seen it in your eyes. There was heat in our blankets. Love in the wrinkles of the bed-sheet. Sparks on your fingertips as they caressed me. You put me to sleep with so much to dream about. I dreamed of your warmth. I felt the fire slowly burning by my ears. Licking at my thin brown hair. Curling my eyelashes. Stretching my mouth into a smile. I have no frown anymore. My eyes still see you looking down at me, laughing uncontrollably, like a maniac. I want to hold you while you laugh into my burning hair. Stay away from this world, love. Stay with me. Why are you walking away? I see flames. Only flames. They’re catching me as I fall. The floor has never seemed this comfortable. The flames are protecting me from the cold. The plastic flowers in our living room smell good tonight.