It is time.

Don’t freak out. It’s just me, your secret. Is it time for you to let go yet? Calm down, now. That’s no way to be brave. You promised you would. Tears are for women. But then again, you are one.
Breathe. When you wake up, look around and see if you are alone. Be happy if you are. You’re always going to be alone now, with me. Unless you decide to let me go.
They always came in groups, didn’t they? There were some lone brave ones that hid in crowds and played their games with their toys. There were strangers’ eyes that blamed you for your breasts and your femininity.
The knife you hid in your full sleeve coat, it only helped you cut your wrist. Where was all the fearlessness that you practiced in front of the mirror?
Don’t whimper. I know.
I’m the only one who knows.
Let me go now. Or I promise I’ll drive you crazy.
Stop thinking about me. Defend yourself. There is no one to protect you. You don’t need me anymore. You need more of you. Don’t fear. Just fly. Fall, and beat them down with your wings. Fly. Just fly.




There’s a tranquility
In your violence towards me.
There’s a design
In the chaos that’s us.
There’s the soothing smoke
In the fire you burn into my skin.
And that moment of flight
Before I hit the ground.
This blood that flows off me
It’s living proof that you are here.
You’re here with me.
This is all I need.
Just leave me some space
To breathe in this coffin.
Leave my eyes open
So I can see you forever.